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The “Heart & Soul Doulas of the East End” program provides care and compassion for individuals living on the East End of Long Island, going through their cancer journeys. The H&S Doulas facilitate natural, peaceful and dignified treatment for a person living with cancer.

Each person’s journey with cancer or illness is unique so, the H&S Doulas consciously take the time to listen and be open to the needs, wishes and beliefs of every individual. Once an open dialogue has
been established and a questionnaire has been completed, the Doulas can then begin to provide appropriate support with complimentary therapies, spiritual care and a detailed care plan for the person with cancer. This kind of planning can help loved ones to productively participate in the care and treatment of someone dealing with the stress and discomforts of illness and/or coming to end of life.

The H&S Doulas believe that the two most important times in a person’s life are: birth and death, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be present for either event.

When the time comes, a doula can explain the dying process, so that the transition is as dignified, comfortable and peaceful for all involved.

The duties of a Doula include: taking notes of specific wishes, creating guided visualizations to reduce pain and fear, writing letters to loved ones, planning a detailed vigil, providing information and support for all loved ones involved and practicing Reiki and other relaxation therapies.

The H&S Doulas can be present throughout the dying process and notify the family members when they need to be present. This time can be overwhelming for loved ones so, having a doula navigate the active dying process can make all the difference in how the experience is handled and remembered.

The H&S Doulas honor the sacred part of the dying process while addressing it as a normal part of the human life cycle, with the goal being to achieve a “good death,” meaning a death with acceptance, without struggle, with grace and peace.

For more information about the Heart & Soul Doulas of the East End, please call: 631-726-8715 or email: