Lend a Helping Hand

Direct services to individuals with stage four breast or gynecological cancers. Patients choose from a variety of services that will lighten the stress cancer creates for both the patient and family.

Lucia’s Angels provides help and funding for: gasoline gift cards, grocery gift cards, heating bills, dental work, housecleaning, rent, eyeglasses, food trains, babysitting, heating bills, health insurance premiums, automobile repair, ambulatory trips, therapeutic massage, transportation, salon services and wigs.

Lucia's Angels provides funding for the out-sourced services listed and may or may not participate in the arranging or scheduling of said services.


Transportation Assistance

Transportation to and from treatment is often one of the most difficult challenges cancer patients face. Lucia’s Angels provides gasoline gift cards and cab services to transport patients to treatments.


Lucia’s Angels offers three ½ hour massages to women diagnosed with breast and gynecological cancers.  Licensed Massage Therapists specialize in massage for cancer patients, as well as Reiki/healing touch, foot reflexology, craniosacral therapy, and manual lymph drainage. Massage therapy reduces inflammation, fluid retention and muscle stiffness; increases flexibility; promotes healing and relieves tension. 

Pink Ribbon Bags

The feel-good bags are filled with educational information, resources and self-care items.

Reflexology During Chemotherapy and Radiation

This reflexology treatment is offered at The Phillips Family Cancer Center. Reflexology is a treatment that uses pressure on specific areas of the feet with the goal of balancing the flow of vital energy throughout the body. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points, located in the feet, hands or ears, are linked to various organs and parts of the body. By stimulating the reflex points, reflexology improves health and well-being through reducing pain and anxiety.

Peer to Peer

Talk to someone who will listen without judgement and listen some more.  Talk to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, who you can laugh and cry with and most importantly who “gets it” and can give you HOPE.

Peer to Peer Online Support

A private, invitation only, online support group for women living on the East End of Long Island who have had breast and gynecological cancers. This Facebook group is moderated by a breast cancer survivor and an oncological social worker. Newly diagnosed women can get questions answered, find resources and learn to become thrivers (defined as living life without fear) and discover the power of helping one another as a form of healing one’s self.

Tara’s Children

Tara’s Children works with a local social worker who specializes in young children and teenagers. The social worker provides support, education and resources to help the child and family unit cope with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Heart and Soul Doulas of the East End


The “Heart & Soul Doulas of the East End” program provides care and compassion for individuals living on the East End of Long Island, going through their cancer journeys. The H&S Doulas facilitate natural, peaceful and dignified treatment for a person living with cancer.

Each person’s journey with cancer or illness is unique so, the H&S Doulas consciously take the time to listen and be open to the needs, wishes and beliefs of every individual. Once an open dialogue has been established and a questionnaire has been completed, the Doulas can then begin to provide appropriate support with complimentary therapies, spiritual care and a detailed care plan for the person with cancer. This kind of planning can help loved ones to productively participate in the care and treatment of someone dealing with the stress and discomforts of illness and/or coming to end of life.

The H&S Doulas believe that the two most important times in a person’s life are: birth and death, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be present for either event.

When the time comes, a doula can explain the dying process, so that the transition is as dignified, comfortable and peaceful for all involved.

The duties of a Doula include: taking notes of specific wishes, creating guided visualizations to reduce pain and fear, writing letters to loved ones, planning a detailed vigil, providing information and support for all loved ones involved and practicing Reiki and other relaxation therapies.

The H&S Doulas can be present throughout the dying process and notify the family members when they need to be present. This time can be overwhelming for loved ones so, having a doula navigate the active dying process can make all the difference in how the experience is handled and remembered.

The H&S Doulas honor the sacred part of the dying process while addressing it as a normal part of the human life cycle, with the goal being to achieve a “good death,” meaning a death with acceptance, without struggle, with grace and peace.

For more information, please call: 631-726-8715 or email:

Support Groups through Ellen’s Well and The Phillips Family Cancer Center

These groups provide the highest level of psychosocial support to its patients through crisis intervention counseling and support groups. Long-term counseling referrals will be made if an individual's needs go beyond the parameters of group counseling.

Spanish Speaking Peer to Peer Group

This group is led by a bicultural and bilingual patient navigator and supports women on the East End of Long Island with breast or gynecological cancers.


Acupuncture Circles

Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points on the body with fine, disposable needles or finger pressure. It works through the body’s nervous system and other mechanisms to relieve many physical ailments and emotional problems. Acupuncture's use in cancer patients has been recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS) for the treatment of cancer and treatment-related symptoms. Pain, nausea, breathlessness and limb edema have all been found to respond to this treatment modality.

Day of Renewal and Hope

This is a one-day retreat offered to breast and gyn cancer survivors. The day addresses the mind, body and spirit through healing arts programs and an educational panel discussion. The panel is comprised of four top physicians in the fields on oncology, breast and reconstructive surgery and/or psychology.

Fitness Boxing

Boxing can improve posture and balance, decrease stress and improve body image and self-confidence. “Fitness boxing is a fun and unique way to improve muscle strength, increase cardiovascular fitness while re-energizing mind and bodies,” said Dawn Moore, Physical Therapist and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

Yoga for Cancer

This non-aerobic exercise involves a program of postures and breathing activities to achieve a connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Practicing yoga helps in relieving tension. When the tension is released, energy can flow more easily in the body and allow patients to experience a sense of well-being and strength—a balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Depending on what parts of the body are affected, what type of cancer the patients have (or had), and their physical abilities, the practice will be specific to each individual.

Live Strong

Working with the East Hampton YMCA, survivors participate in free or low-cost customized exercise regimens catered to their individual needs from certified fitness instructors. The instructors are trained in cancer survivorship, post-rehabilitation exercise and supportive cancer care.

Look Good Feel Better

This program is dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment. Complimentary group and virtual sessions that teach beauty techniques to help people with cancer to face their diagnosis with greater confidence.


Nutritional and Cooking Healthy Programs

Nutritional Therapy can help you stay strong and nourished during and after your cancer treatment. After a diagnosis of cancer many women tend to re-evaluate their nutritional health practices; what lifestyle changes they should make. Many need guidance in making significant dietary changes to ensure positive outcomes after breast cancer treatments. The Hands-On Cooking classes will introduce you to topics such as local food and seasonality, self-care, mindful eating and much more. The classes take a food as medicine approach, exploring how what we hear imparts overall health and can empower us to feel our best.

Qi Gong

This Chinese meditative practice combines meditation, controlled breathing and movements to balance the flow of energy.  It is felt that when our life force is balanced, healing will occur. Qi Gong can help cancer patients deal with various side effects such as fatigue, pain, cognitive function, immune function. Studies have shown Qi Gong to have a positive impact on the well-being and quality of life for people with cancer.

Sailing Heals

This program offers free evening of sailing on the Peconic Bay, which induces relaxation and joy for those who are undergoing treatment for cancer or dealing with the effects of a serious illness or injury.

Strength ABC (After Breast Cancer)

This class, taught by a physical therapist, will educate and motivate breast cancer survivors in a physical therapist-based exercise program.  Strength Training can reduce the risk of developing or worsening breast cancer related lymphedema and increase range of motion. Women will be guided through exercise classes to increase strength and fitness, improve body image and will be given guidance on creating a long-term fitness practice.

Three-Day Retreat

This retreat is a time for getting away from the pressures of daily life and busy schedules.  Discussions and activities offer guidance and instruction on how to better prioritize and organize life for happier and healthier living.

Water Exercise

This class is offered at the YMCA in East Hampton. Imagine taking the nurturing qualities water bears and combining them with a specific exercise program, all in hopes of strengthening the body, the mind and the heart of breast cancer patients. Water supports us, assists movement and causes resistance, which is when strengthening occurs. One of the often-overlooked elements to a water fitness program is the ability to interact with others and find support and laughter in the comradery.

Lucia's Angels provides funding for the outsourced services listed and may or may not participate in the arranging or scheduling of said services.

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