"I want you to know what an amazing surprise it was to come home Christmas Eve and find a check from Lucia's Angles.  As you know, with the exception of a few days around Christmas, I spent Dec and Jan in the city undergoing radiation treatment at Sloan Kettering.  The process took a lot out of me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  In addition to the housing financial troubles I am having, this was enough to put us over the top.  The Lucia's Angles check came right on time and helped pay some critical bills, including the heat bill.  We ran out of oil the day after Christmas.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please extend my thanks to the Lucia's Angles."

- Forever Grateful

"For me, these days (Spa Weekend Retreat) are special because it is so uplifting to get the love and support from the wonderful ladies. I was down. Now I'm way up!"

- P

I want to thank you for all you do.  I feel so lucky to have had all the support that you have given me.  I truly believe you ladies are angels.”  

- A

"Again my husband and I are mystified by your generosity, but profoundly grateful. I have started my 14th chemotherapy in 9 years. This year year was filled with many of my dreams coming to fruition thanks to your grant.

In May we finally went to see La Boheme at the Met.

In June we hired a driver to take us into Manhattan for a fine dinner.

In August, let's just say it was a black month filled with hospitals and new revelations about my cancer or as we call it, "the beast within."

In September we created a new breast cancer pin for all stages of cancer called the "solidarity pin" It is a butterfly which for me is a power symbol. The day before my breast surgery I was planting annuals and a butterfly landed exactly on the spot where the cancer had been found in my breast. Like the butterfly, we survivors living with cancer, are always changing. Life gets dark and stands still and then we ar reborn again and again. Thanks to your money I was able to launch my pin

Through your generosity, I've been allowed to have a rich and full life. Thanks to you, God's good graces, my husband and the never-ending love and support from so many I've been given the strength I need to fight this disease. I know someday my time will come as it does for us all. Never let anyone say I lost my battle to cancer but rather I decided it was time to go home.

Many thanks again and I promise to keep spending your grant money to make my dreams come true. May God bless each and every one of Lucia's Angels and may God watch over those you hold dear."

- E.M.

"Lucia's Angels is such a special organization and what you and Stacy do for others is truly remarkable.  I will always be there to support you in any way I can and will always remember the kindness you shared with my wife and I."

- D.G.

"Words can't express how grateful and overwhelmed I was when I got your note and check. I've been out of work for three and a half months and just went back. I can now pay a few bills. I also bought myself a winter coat and my three grandchildren Christmas presents."

- Anonymous

 “Just wanted to congratulate you on all the work you did to create Lucia's Room. It was truly an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for also acknowledging my wife last night. You guys meant so much to her and I and we will always remember all the kind things you did for us. The little personal touches of sincere caring meant so much to us. I know Lucia is very proud of all of you.”  

- D

"I was diagnosed last November with breast cancer. Up until that point, I was working full-time. I soon realized it was going to be a very difficult journey with many adjustments.

Lucia's Angels has made my journey not just bearable but, comforting and encouraging. I feel as if I have been truly cared for as a holistic being. From therapeutic massages, counseling, nutritional support, gas cards for long travels and financial support for bills starting to accumulate. I am forever grateful.

And thank you so much Susie for being one of a kind. Your love and dedication to the cause will never be forgotten."

- M.W.

"If Nikki had to get cancer and pass away, thank God she was there with you and Lucia’s Angels and had all of us because you know how unique and special our group is. I was just thinking that as we are driving home what a coincidence it was that she arrived only months before her diagnosis. Thank God for you, Susie. God bless her family."

- Anonymous

“Thank you so much!!! We wanted to cry. Your gift to our family was so generous. It really, really helped. Again and again thank you. Have a blessed holiday season and New Year!"

- The G. Family

"Today I opened my mail and found a very generous check made out to me from Lucia's Angels. I don't know what to say. I don't know why you have chosen me to be a recipient of such generosity. You truly are Angels and Lucia is smiling down on us right now.

I thank you Susie, Stacy, Cindy, Evelyn, Diane and Karen from the bottom of my heart. This will be my happy money, only to be used to fill my soul with joy! Which is how I feel when I attend an event with all of you, I am engulfed by the love of those around me. I am special BECAUSE I have breast cancer and you make me feel like a victor not a victim.

To each and everyone of you, may God's light shine down upon you and your loved ones for all of your dedication to those who are in need. Especially Gods blessings upon Lucia, her family and her friends for creating something so beautiful. God took the most beautiful flower in the garden and her friends handed us bouquets.

With deep Love and Affection"

- E.M.

"I was not lucky enough to have known Lucia Terzi Bagan personally, but I’ve heard so much about her, from so many different women who make up the South Fork Breast Health Coalition-somehow, I feel as if I did know her.

How many of us can say we left this world a better place then we found it?  From what I understand, Lucia did exactly that, and although we lost her, she is still touching people’s lives through “Lucia’s Angels”.  A newly formed foundation under the umbrella of the SFBHC set up in her memory, by her dear friends, so Lucia’s spirit lives on forever, and she continues to make a difference in people’s lives, and I am one of those very lucky women.

I was not your normal cancer patient.  I was diagnosed in 2002 with Breast Cancer, but I was the sole caregiver for my critically ill husband and there was no way I could take care of myself without putting my husband in a nursing home, something I promised never to do.  So, crazy as it sounds, I did nothing until John passed away in 2005, by then I had metastatic cancer, no money, and no family.

With the help of some of the most amazing women and men who make-up the SFBHC and Lucia’s Angels, I am alive and fighting the battle we all face, except now I don’t have to fight the battle totally alone.

To Lucia, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help I have received from your fund and through myself and others just like me, you are still with us in spirit, helping us get through the physical and financial battle, and hopefully when we are well enough, we can contribute to Lucia’s Angels to ensure it will live on forever.

If I was granted one wish it would be to be remembered for making a difference for leaving this world a better place then I found it.  To give back and reach out to the next person who is about to join our exclusive club.

Last, but not least, To Susie Barry Roden who made a promise to herself that no one who came after her would have to face cancer alone.  Susie had a dream and the passion to carry out that dream, and we are the lucky ones that have benefited from the SFBHC and Lucia’s Angels will be here for our children and their children to come by, giving back either financially or volunteering your time.  Whatever it is you choose to do, you’ll feel wonderful, because you too will make a difference, and just may be on of the many Angels that make up the SFBHC.

Thank you, to all who have touched my life, I will never forget you!"

- S.O.

"Dear Lucia's Angels (That you are!), I cried happy tears when I received your generous gifts (Hess and King Kullen cards.) I appreciate it so much at this trying time in my life. I am forever grateful!"

- D

"We all know there are angels in heaven looking after us, but I know better than anyone that there are also angels 'walking among us.' How could Lucia not be smiling? You have carried on her mission. I send my love, my gratitude, my heart to six very special angels!!"

- S

“You have actually given me reasons and belief in myself to keep me going. You believing in me has made a world of difference.”

- P

"Stacy and Susan were a tremendous moral support to my sister from the beginning of her journey. It was near the end that we experienced the true mission of Lucia's Angels. My sister spent a lot of time over the years in Lucia's Room at Southampton Hospital. During what became her last visit to the hospital, she made it clear that she wanted to stay in Lucia's Room for the end of her journey. Stacy and Susan helped make that happen. Being in Lucia's Room made an already difficult and emotional time easier on my sister as well as the family. Lucia's Angels also generously made donations towards my sister's eldest daughter's college tuition as well as her funeral costs. Stacy shared Lucia's story with us, and I have no doubt that Lucia's Angels have fulfilled Lucia's vision and wishes with the work and dedication put into this organization. Thank you to Lucia's Angels for all of the support over the years as well as during the most difficult of times."

- The Family of P.N.
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